People with disabilities

Keen to be accessible to all audiences, L'Envol des Pionniers offers various offers accessible to people with disabilities.

Since January 2021, L’Envol des Pionniers has been labeled “Tourism & Disability” for the 4 disabilities (hearing, mental, motor and visual). More information on the brand “Tourism & Handicap”.

All the reception staff is sensitized to the reception of public with disabilities.

The entire site is accessible to visitors with disabilities.


Accessibility officer
05 67 73 53 76 or


Anyone with a disability card or mobility card including mention «Disability» benefits from a reduced rate of 6 €. The full price is 9€.

If the card says “need accompaniment”, the attendant is free.

From Saturday, December 17, 2022, discover the challenges of the pioneers of aviation yesterday and today with the new temporary exhibition dedicated to Pierre Georges Latécoère, initiator of the great history of aviation in Toulouse.

Around an immersive scenography, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the workshops of the interwar period and follow the path of this visionary. Observe many historical objects and original mediation devices, to better know the man who upset the airline industry and the future of Toulouse. Discover iconic aircrafts such as the Laté 28, the Laté 300 or the Laté 521 seaplane.


A tactile model with braille cartel of Laté 28 is available in the exhibition.

You can also find in the temporary exhibition “Pierre Georges Latécoère – L’avenir a des ailes” the map of La Ligne in relief, as well as a relief of the Salmson 2A2 at the foot of the plane.

More information about this exhibition here:

People with hearing loss

The vast majority of the videos in the permanent exhibition are subtitled.

You have the opportunity to participate in guided tours translated into French Sign Language. The dates of the visits will be indicated on the same page.

The reception bank to the right of the entrance is equipped with a magnetic loop. We also have a portable magnetic loop, which you can borrow for free.

Would you like to organize a guided tour or a workshop translated into LSF for a group? It is possible to book, an interpreter in LSF, with a supplement.

Contact us at or 05 67 73 53 76.


L’Envol des Pionniers is accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing thanks to the Acceo solution.

Contact our switchboard, the reservation department or our accessibility officer via a video interpretation LSF, LPC, or instant speech transcription on their website or mobile application Acceo.

Visually impaired

Guide dogs are accepted on the site.

A Braille booklet and a large print booklet are available against identification. They present the permanent exhibition and the history of the site.

You can also download the booklet in PDF format by clicking here: L’Envol des Pionniers – The permanent exhibition

You can borrow for free from the reception a luminous magnifying glass, allowing you to increase the size of the cartels and to illuminate them.

Would you like to organise a guided tour or workshop for a group of visually impaired people? It is possible to adapt each animation according to the group.

Contact us at or 05 67 73 53 76.



L’Envol des Pionniers is a partner of the association Souffleurs de Sens for its service of Souffleurs d’images. The principle is simple: volunteers accompany you during your visit by providing you with the necessary information to understand the objects, the contents of the exhibitions and animations.

Reservation required at least 15 days before the scheduled date of the visit:


In the permanent exhibition, you can touch:

  • The engine of the Potez 25, a bi-plane and bi-place aircraft
  • A part of entoiled wing
  • An original mailbox from Aéropostale
  • A drawing table of time

In the temporary exhibition, you can touch:

  • The low relief of Laté 28
  • The map of La Ligne in relief and braille
  • The low relief of the Salmson 2A2

People with a motor impairment

There are disabled parking spaces in car park P1 (address: 6 rue Jacqueline Auriol).

The entire building is wheelchair accessible (accessible reception banks, walk-in access to exhibitions, adapted toilets, etc.).

There are several seats in the courtyard, in the exhibitions, and in the lobby.


Upon request at the reception, it is possible to borrow a wheelchair or a folding seat free of charge, against identification.

Persons with Developmental Disabilities

New! Easy to read and understand, available for download (PDF) on the website or to retrieve directly at the reception.

Practical information: FALC booklet – Practical information

Would you like to organize a guided tour or a adapted workshop? It is possible to organize a guided tour or a workshop adapted to your group.

Contact us at or 05 67 73 53 76.