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Pierre Georges Latécoère Exhibition: The Future Has Wings

17/12/2022 31/12/2024

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45 minutes


Meet Pierre Georges Latécoère, the man who managed to achieve the impossible: create airlines and the first Toulouse aviation factories on the same site in Montaudran.

Follow the Journey of a Bold and Visionary Man

In this period hangar evoking the aviation workshops of the 1920s, the presence of Pierre Georges Latécoère still hovers over the place. Discover the obstacles and challenges he had to overcome to initiate the great history of aviation in Toulouse.

Understand the Challenges of the Aviation of Tomorrow

Throughout the journey, Pierre Georges Latécoère’s avatar helps you resolve a major current challenge: imagining the aviation of tomorrow.
Using an interactive game and a presentation on recent projects, take up the challenge of decarbonising current aviation. You will have to design a sustainable plane: choose new carbon-free energies, understand their impact on the design of the plane, decide on trajectories to consume less, etc.

Discover the History of Legendary Planes

Alongside the Airline, Pierre Georges Latécoère, with his company SIDAL (Société Industrielle des Avions Latécoère), built his planes to equip the Line. The company designed numerous models including seaplanes, veritable ocean liners. An area is dedicated to one of its greatest successes: the Laté 28, an aircraft ahead of its time.

Inspired and Inspiring Examples of Today’s New Pioneers (Toulouse Pioneers)

In the exhibition, get to know today’s Toulouse entrepreneurs who are committed to continuing the legacy left by Pierre Georges Latécoère. Pioneers in their sector of activity, they dare to go beyond technological limits to design clean aircraft and solutions for the aviation of tomorrow.

You will therefore find out about five partner companies of the Toulouse Pioneers collective (Aura Aero, Delair, Latecoere, openairlines, H3dynamics), committed to decarbonise the aviation sector through iconic projects such as the Delair company’s Hydrone and Era, the electric plane of start-up Aura Aero.

A little history

Pierre Georges Latécoère participated in several inaugural flights. The most famous is Toulouse – Barcelona in December 1918 aboard a Salmson 2A2. This is the plane which is at the center of the exhibition. Close by, you can also watch a period film where we see him posing near the plane.

Pierre G. Latécoère had his offices in Paris to manage his affairs. But he came down to Toulouse twice a week by night train to be as close as possible to his activities.
No original aircraft from this great aviation epic remains. Only a Laté 25 is visible in a museum in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A project to reconstruct a Laté 28 can be explored (link to laté 28 project page). It thus joins the Salmson 2A2, the first aircraft manufactured in Toulouse, a model produced by Ailes Anciennes Toulouse.

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