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Teachers, discover the educational offer dedicated to schoolchildren from nursery to final year. Prepare your outing and plunge your pupils into the heart of the fabulous adventure of l'Aéropostale.

In the historic buildings where the great love story between Toulouse and aircraft began, students follow in the footsteps of the famous pilots Mermoz, Guillaumet, St Exupéry and their comrades. They meet these men and women, in varied jobs, who collectively took on a crazy challenge: connecting Toulouse to Santiago de Chile by crossing a desert, flying over the ocean and also crossing the highest mountain chain in the world. The mail had to get through, they had to surpass themselves!

L’Envol des Pionniers transmits this human and technical adventure in an immersive and fun way to inspire students to become themselves the pioneers of tomorrow.

What Does the School Offer Include?

The activities in autonomy, included in the entrance ticket (4 €/student)

Additional Educational Activities

In partnership with the Academy of Toulouse, L’Envol des Pionniers education team develops innovative activities suited to different levels.

Led by a presenter in period costume playing an employee of La Ligne, students are 100% offline, for a unique and participatory immersion at the heart of the 1920s-1930s.

Lasting from 45 minutes to one hour, the activities can be carried out as a whole class or in a half-group depending on the class size.

A question ?

If you need help or information to organise or make up the contents of your visit, our service can assist you.

Contact the education department

Are you a teacher of students with special educational needs? We can adapt certain activities. Contact our accessibility manager for more information: access@semeccel.com

Classroom Teacher in Toulouse Métropole

Are you a CM1 or CM2 teacher in a school in Toulouse Metropole? Find here all the information you need to benefit from a free visit to L’Envol des Pionniers. Here’s what’s included in your visit

  • Free access to permanent and temporary exhibitions
  • An immersive activity “The Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Adventure lasting 1 hour in the presence of a facilitator
  • A poster for the class on the day of the visit

Culture Pass Offer

Would you like to finance your visit with the Culture Pass? Take advantage of the budget allocated to your establishment to organise a visit and immerse the students in the fabulous adventure of L’Aéropostale.

  • Tickets €4/student including access to permanent and temporary exhibitions
  • An immersive one-hour educational activity “The Montaudran Course,” with a presenter at €80 for the whole group. Presentation adapted with variations from 15 – 18 years.

Pre-visits for teachers

Do you want to find out about L’Envol des Pioneers to prepare for the planned visit with your class or are you planning an outing and would like more information?
The teacher pre-visit is made for you!