Where to Eat?

There are no restaurants on L’Envol des Pionniers site but the Montaudran district has many restaurants in the immediate vicinity of the site: Bistro Régent, the Italian Restaurant Di Capo, Pitaya, a Thai restaurant, London Corner, a Fish and Chips restaurant, ADN, world cuisine, Matisae , a tea room and the Beer Social Club.

You can also choose to picnic, green spaces are available.

You also have a supermarket in L’Aéropostale district.

Neighbourhood Activities

La Halle de la Machine

Large contemporary hall of 6,000 m² with its roof in the shape of aeroplane wings designed by the architect Patrick Arotcharen, this vast space is dedicated to street arts, combining invention and technology. Between shows and permanent exhibition, the visit to the Hall includes around 150 mechanical devices which offer constantly renewed enchantment.

Visitors can experience the birth of creations on site as well as boarding a machine. Some of these funny machines go to meet walkers and passers-by, including the famous Minotaur with 50 people on its back. In the same spirit, Place Marcel Bouilloux -Laffont (just opposite) offers an explosive merry-go-round!

You can buy a combined ticket online to visit La Halle de la Machine and L’Envol des Pionniers on the same day.

Les Jardins de la Ligne

Located along the old Aéropostale runway, this three-hectare landscaped area features the atmospheres of the three continents crossed by La Ligne Aéropostale. A way to relive the adventure by crossing the landscapes and climatic environments of eight different countries from Montaudran to Valparaiso in Chile.

You can enjoy a family break in this area around special games. The garden also offers rest areas with awareness and discovery panels.

UGC Cinema

The Montaudran UGC welcomes you all day to its seven screens.

The Montaudran District

The Toulouse Aérospace district draws its history from the emblematic Aéropostale runway. It is at the same time an innovation campus, a cultural hub and an international -scale ecosystem for the aviation, space, on-board systems, robotics and artificial intelligence sectors.

A certified eco-district, it embodies through its design and through its offer of services and uses, the renewal of Toulouse’s neighbourhoods.

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