Toulouse Pioneers

A collective of corporate ambassadors for L'Envol des Pionniers in Toulouse, cradle of the aeronautics industry and European space capital.

The “Toulouse Pioneers” collective displays innovation as a state of mind and brings together the pioneers of the eco-mobility of today.

Bringing together various innovative companies, this collective aims to promote L’Envol des Pionniers and to perpetuate this pioneering spirit dedicated to connecting people, as the pioneers of yesteryear did; by designing the future of aviation and mobility.

The spirit of innovation, audacity, entrepreneurship, inspiration for future generations, will be present in this collective. The first five partner companies to have joined this collective were presented on November 28, 2022 to testify to their vision of the pioneering spirit and their commitment to the values of the forerunners in L’Aéropostale and the inspiration that they provide today.

This collective will take part in L’Envol des Pionniers’ cultural programme and thus display to the general public, as well as to schoolchildren, their vision as pioneers of today’s aviation and the challenges to be met.

Members of the Collective: Five Innovative Companies Come Together

Around the themes of innovation, new forms of mobility and communication, five Toulouse companies have already joined the Toulouse Pioneers collective and share common values: those of innovation as a driving force to meet future challenges .

These companies join existing partners including MGEN and Banque Populaire Occitane who support educational projects and ENEDIS for global support.


A leading digital and eco-efficient aeronautical manufacturer, industrialises breakthrough technologies resolutely focused on the aviation of tomorrow, by combining the best of the aeronautics and digital industries. The company designs and manufactures aircraft with unrivalled efficiency in the growing market for eco-efficient, low-carbon vehicles. Created in 2018, AURA AERO is based in Toulouse-Francazal and employs 100 people.


Established in 2011 on the historic Toulouse Montaudran site, Delair designs and manufactures long-range drones for industrial and security/defence applications. Present in more than 70 countries with thousands of drones in operation, Delair is developing future generations of hydrogen drones in partnership with the Toulouse ecosystem, and aims, before 2030, to be the European leader in professional drones.


H3 Dynamics supports the transition of aviation to decarbonisation. The team is developing hydrogen-electric propulsion systems enabling the integration of the hydrogen vector in new drone and aircraft architectures for probe, freight and passenger transport. These pioneering technology platforms promote a meeting of the complex worlds of hydrogen and aviation to transform air mobility in a sustainable way.


Latécoère es un grupo internacional y socio de primer nivel de los fabricantes de aviones (Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Dassault, Embraer, etc.), que ofrece al sector aeroespacial soluciones innovadoras para un mundo sostenible. El Grupo opera en dos áreas de negocio: Aeroestructuras (fuselajes y puertas) y Sistemas de Interconexión (cableado, mobiliario eléctrico y equipos de a bordo), y está presente en 15 países.


Editora de una plataforma llamada SkyBreathe, la empresa ofrece a las aerolíneas las herramientas digitales de eco-pilotaje que necesitan para introducir una aviación más ecológica y sostenible.

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