Didier Daurat’s Office

Choose Didier Daurat’s office for your meetings. This space has been completely reconstructed identically from a period photo.

You can admire this photo in the Operations Manager’s office.

Technical specifications

  • Area: 50m²
  • Fully equipped room ( Video projector, sound, lights, wifi)
  • In theatre format: 25 people
  • U-shaped: 15 people
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Meet Didier Daurat, Operations Manager

This former pilot from the First World War, first a pilot then Operations Manager of La Ligne, motivated pilots and mechanics to surpass themselves to ensure the punctuality and regularity essential to this new company. He was Pierre Georges Latécoère’s strong arm, creator of the first French airmail line.

From this simple office he managed the largest airline of his time from Toulouse to Santiago. His determination, his sense of collective commitment to the mail service had such an impact on the men that people then spoke of the religion of mail. He, the pilot turned chief, embodied La Ligne so much that he was be buried here on this site in Montaudran.

Why Choose L’Envol des Pionniers?

  • An unusual place driven by the values of the Pioneers: surpassing oneself, carrying out projects, working together and helping each other
  • Live an immersive experience at the heart of the Pioneers of L’Aéropostale in the 1920s
  • Privatisation of the museum as a whole
  • Technical support before and during the performance by a manager
  • 25 years of experience in event management
  • A team of dedicated and responsive business managers to organise your projects and bring them to fruition
  • Free parking for 130 spaces (or more…)
  • Close motorway access