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The Montaudran Course

A 1-hour guided tour to discover the trades of the Montaudran site at the time of Aéropostale, from 5th to 12th grade.

Description of the workshop

Students, guided by the Operations Manager, become trainees visiting the Montaudran site in 1929. Through objects and accounts from the period, they find out about La Ligne, the life of a pilot and the various professions of the men and women who contributed to the fabulous adventure of Aéropostale.

The “trainees” are challenged to try out the technical procedures of the time and to make the right choices in the situations presented according to the skills of the various professions.

Practical arrangements

• With a presenter
• 1 hour
• Entire class (up to 36 students max)
• €80 for the group
• A minimum of 1 accompanying person required

The group is welcomed in the reception hall of L’Envol des Pionniers. Equipped with desk pads containing items that will be useful to them throughout the visit, they wander through the permanent exhibition to find out about various professions: operations manager, radio operator, canvas worker, engineer, ground mechanic, pilot… Two levels are on offer with some variations (middle school and high schools).


  1. The job of Operations Manager: decide, communicate
  2. The job of radio operator: transmitting information, coding, decoding a message
  3. The job of engineer: concepts, design solutions in response to needs
  4. The job of canvas worker: testing the durability of canvas fabric
  5. The job of mechanic: weight and balance of an aircraft, estimate the load
  6. The job of pilot: choose the direction of take-off, estimate the wind and its influence

Concepts worked on

Skills worked on :

  • Representation of the world: situating oneself in time and space
  • Linking technological developments to inventions and innovations
  • Methods and tools for learning: imagining solutions to meet needs
  • Understand and express yourself orally