Moderation policy

Rules for contributing content and comments.


Comments (or other content) on L’Envol des Pionniers’ social networks are welcome and open to all.

It is possible to share, comment, participate and react.

However, before doing so, we invite you to read the rules of good conduct below.

All exchanges on our social networks are moderated after publication. We wish to maintain a spirit of goodwill in all exchanges, which is why in the event of disagreement, debate or criticism, the moderator reserves the right to delete the comment without notice.

In particular, the following may be removed :

  • Incitement to discrimination, hatred or violence of a racist, xenophobic, homophobic or revisionist nature.
  • Insulting, aggressive or vulgar comments, constituting harassment or taking one or more participants to task – comments of a defamatory or disparaging nature.
  • Direct attacks between participants or insinuations based on beliefs or lack thereof, ethnic origins, gender, sexual orientation or political opinions.
  • Any obscene, pornographic or harassing message.
  • Any message that contravenes copyright, neighbouring rights, the law applicable to databases, image rights and respect for privacy, or that contravenes any other legislative or regulatory provision in force.
  • Any message that is off-topic or considered to be a “troll” (message or person whose character is likely to generate controversy or is excessively provocative, without seeking to be constructive; a troll is a form of spam).
  • Private conversations on pages or walls, exchanges of private contact details.
  • Incitement to take drugs or consume alcohol.


Participants are also asked to respect the following conventions

  • Check that your comment corresponds to the subject of the page or discussion before posting.
  • Cite your references and sources.
  • Limit the use of CAPITAL LETTERS and punctuation, as these are often misunderstood and associated with shouting.
  • Any criticisms or comments on moderation should be made in private. If you come across a message that you consider to be illegal or contrary to the smooth running of the page, please contact the moderators by sending a message or email to Please clearly state the reason for your request for moderation.
  • Any user may at any time, if a contribution infringes his or her rights, report it to the Facebook company, using the reporting procedure set up by Facebook, or report it directly to us by writing to

Internet users are responsible for the content of their messages

Messages containing the following elements will also be deleted:

  • Advertising messages,
  • Classified advertisements,
  • Messages containing telephone numbers, e-mail addresses or postal addresses,
  • Links to external sites.


Internet users may report messages that they consider do not comply with this moderation charter.


L’Envol des Pionniers reserves the right to modify its moderation charter at any time.
Thank you for your understanding. The whole team wishes you a pleasant visit.