The General Store

Visit the General Store, Our Permanent Exhibition

In the 700m2 of the General Store, the tour route retraces the history of the Montaudran site, the beginnings of aviation with the fabulous epic of Lignes Latécoère and L’Aéropostale.

L’Envol des Pionniers©Manuel-Huynh

The exhibition is divided into four major themes:

  1. Montaudran retraces the industrial history of the site
  2. La Ligne explains the challenges associated with L’Aéropostale
  3. Of Planes and Men: recounts the stories of those who took part in the adventure
  4. Mail and Territories: tells of the sense of duty related to the challenge of L’Aéropostale

At every turn in each sequence you will be plunged into the daily lives of the pioneers through accounts, personal objects, reconstructions and fun experiences.

credits : Toulouse Métropole – L’Envol des Pionniers



You will find:

  • War pilots’ equipment
  • Documents which belonged to pioneers
  • Models of planes and objects related to Montaudran airfield
  • A hologram
  • Pilots’ accounts


The scenography draws on the visitor‘s senses through interactive, audiovisual and multimedia facilities, games and operations.


L’Envol des Pionniers©Manuel-Huynh