Posted on October 1st, 2018

L’Envol des Pionniers will open its doors on the 22nd and 23rd of December

100 years ago, Pierre Georges Latécoère said:

“I have gone over all the calculations, they confirm the opinion of the experts, the project is unachievable ; the only thing we can do : achieve it! “

And they did it! One hundred years after its first flight, rediscover the fabulous epic of Aéropostale in its historic buildings!

Aéropostale, it’s a crazy challenge that gathered around MERMOZ, GUILLAUMET, ST EXUPERY …. Hundreds of men and women in an amazing adventure!

What an adventure ? Nothing less than crossing a desert, an ocean and the second highest mountain in the world when no plane was still able … The mail was to pass, the men had to outdo themselves!

It is here, on the very site of L’Envol des Pionniers, that the great love story between Toulouse and the planes began!

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