Enjoy the excitement of flying in a Breguet XIV.

Relive the amazing experience of flying in a Breguet XIV, the legendary aircraft used for the first reconnaissance and passenger transport flights on the Latécoère Line from Toulouse.

An immersive experience

Set off in a Breguet XIV, La Ligne’s legendary aircraft.

@L’Envol des Pionniers

Whether as a passenger or a pilot, relying on instructions on flight conditions, visual navigation and the aircraft’s behaviour, you will experience the thrills of flying with Lignes Aériennes Latécoère in the conditions of the time: wind, noise, smell, landscapes, etc., just as they were in 1924.

After taking off from the Toulouse-Montaudran airfield, fly over the Pyrenees in difficult weather conditions, before landing on time in Barcelona, since the mail cannot wait to be delivered!

A surprising experience, as close as possible to the historic adventure of L’Aéropostale’s pioneers.



  • Minimum height: 110cm (3’ 7½”).
  • This activity is accessible for persons in wheelchairs from which they can be transferred


A Toulouse Métropole project, in partnership with ALTRAN