A collective of companies which are ambassadors for L’Envol des Pionniers in Toulouse, birthplace of the aviation industry and European space capital.

The “Toulouse Pioneers” collective is evidence of an innovative mindset and brings together the pioneers of today’s eco-mobility.

Signature du collectif d’entreprises Toulouse Pioneers

Bringing together different innovative companies, this collective aims to promote L’Envol des Pionniers and perpetuate this pioneering spirit dedicated to connecting people, as the pioneers of the past did; by designing the future of aviation and mobility.

This collective will bring the spirit of innovation, audacity, entrepreneurship and inspiration for future generations to any meeting.  The first five partner companies to join this collective were presented on November 28, 2022, testifying to their vision of the pioneering spirit and their commitment to the values of those who led the way in L’ Aéropostale and the inspiration they give today.

This collective will take part in the cultural programmes of L’Envol des Pionniers and thus show the general public, as well as school students, the vision of today’s aviation pioneers and the challenges to be met.

Members of the Collective: Five Innovative Companies Come Together

Around the themes of innovation, new mobility and communication, five Toulouse companies have already joined the Toulouse Pioneers collective and share common values: those of innovation as a driver to meet future challenges.

These companies join existing partners including MGEN and Banque Populaire Occitane, which support educational and ENEDIS projects on global support.


AURA AERO: Leading digital and eco-efficient aircraft manufacturer, applies groundbreaking technologies in industry, resolutely focussed on the aviation of tomorrow, by combining the best of the aviation and digital industries. The company designs and manufactures aircraft of unparalleled efficiency in the growing market for eco-efficient and low-carbon vehicles. Created in 2018, AURA AERO is based in Toulouse-Francazal and employs 100 people.


DELAIR: Created in 2011 at the historic site of Toulouse Montaudran, Delair designs and manufactures long-range drones for industrial and security/Defence applications. Present in more than 70 countries with thousands of drones in operation, Delair is developing future generations of hydrogen drones in partnership with the Toulouse ecosystem, and aims, before 2030, to be the European leader in professional drones.


H3 DYNAMICS: H3 Dynamics supports the transition from aviation to decarbonisation. The team develops hydrogen-electric propulsion systems which allow the hydrogen vector to be integrated into new drone and aircraft architectures carrying sensors, cargo or passengers. These pioneering technology platforms promote the meeting of the complex worlds of hydrogen and aeronautics to transform air mobility in a sustainable way.


LATÉCOÈRE: International group, partner of top rank aircraft manufacturers (Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Dassault, Embraer…), Latécoère serves the aerospace sector with innovative solutions for a sustainable world. The Group operates in two areas of activity: Aero-structures (fuselage and doors) and Interconnecting Systems (wiring, electrical cabinets and on-board equipment), and is located in fifteen countries.


OPENAIRLINES: Publisher of a platform called SkyBreathe, the company offers airlines the digital eco-flying tools they need to implement greener and more sustainable aviation.



Membres du collectif d'entreprises Toulouse Pioneers
De gauche à droite : Loris Danjou (ISAE-SUPAERO), Christophe Chaffardon (SEMECCEL), Jacques Rocca (Aura Aéro), Francis Mazeyrie (Banque Populaire Occitane), Isabelle Attal (Latécoère), Jean-Baptiste Desbois (SEMECCEL), Thierry Sentous (Toulouse Métropole), Joséphine Taboni (EPF), Stéphane Douce (Delair), Bastien Mancini (Delair), Solveig Moisan (OpenAirlines), Alexandre Feray (OpenAirlines), Bertrand Gauthier (H3 Dynamics)